Friday, September 24, 2010

Wilton Drive Pedestrian Tragedy, Victims Family Speaks Out

One of the reasons why Wilton Manors Main Street is here is to help those who live, work and play here have a safer city.

There was an accident that happened that killed Louie Sarris a while back, and we all paused to think what can be done to make this sort of thing much less likely in the future.  We all agreed that Wilton Drive should be slowed down from the then 35MPH to the current 30MPH speed limit.  Whether that saved lives, we can only hope.

We further believe that the Two Lane Initiative will slow traffic further to make Wilton Manors a place to Drive To, not Drive Through.  When completed, this will have the effect of making the Drive a safer place for those of us who get out of our cars and walk to enjoy our city.

I invite you to pause and think about Louie Sarris who died in that event.  May he be the last.  Here is a video featuring his family remembering him.

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