Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Lighting Ceremony - Thursday December 2, 2010

If you are looking for something to do next Thursday night, come to the Drive and the Holiday Lighting Ceremony.

The City of Wilton Manors Leisure Services Department will be presenting the traditional lighting of the Christmas Tree, The Menorah, and the Kinara as well as live choral performances. 

Last year's ceremony was a wonderful time for everyone, a time to come down to the drive and meet your neighbors.

6:30PM, Thursday December 2nd, 2010 at Jaycee park on Wilton Drive.

For further information, call Wilton Manors Leisure Services department at 954-390-2130.

You can also click the picture, for more information.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pie Eating at the Market Bazaar Pictures

In case you missed it, the Market Bazaar was there yesterday.  There will be another one in a month, but I did manage to get some pictures.

Steve and Nikki Rose, the owners of Java Boys are the hosts of the Market Bazaar.  You can join them at Java Boys and let them know how much you enjoyed the Market Bazaar.

The Market Bazaar has plenty of booths full of things for you to look at.  There was a wide selection of odds and ends and treasures from afar.

One of the treasures that you can find is a forever friend.  The group Abandoned Pet Rescue was here with some adoptable friends for life.  954-728-9010 is Abandoned Pet Rescue's number and they're waiting for you to meet the next love of your life.
In case you missed it, there was a Pie Eating Contest!  Fun for all, participants and those of us who watched them have their pies.
When the contest wound down, they allowed the contestants to stop using a spoon and bury themselves in the pumpkin pies.
The Winner was Cole, who is in the Blue Shirt.  Cole works at the Alibi as one of the staff.  They stopped the contest at that point because of rain, but Cole was clearly ahead.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stop in and Say Hello At Friday's Artwalk

Wilton Manors Main Street will be open during the Art Walk on Friday Night.

Tomorrow, Friday, November 19th, 2010 from 7PM to 10PM there will be an opportunity for everyone to go to the Drive and experience the Art Walk. Many of the businesses on the Drive will open their doors for everyone to come in and see the Art Displays.

We will be there too, open at our offices at 2164 Wilton Drive serving light refreshments.  You can look around, see the art on display and we will also be selling Wilton Manors Main Street T Shirts and Polo Shirts. 

Stop in and say hi and find out more about what we do, visit with us, and see the art on display.

We'll be there, waiting for you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The next Island City Art Walk is Friday, November 19th 2010 at 7PM


Contact: Mary Ellen Charapko
Island City, Inc. (Island City Art Walk) or
http: Ph: 954.547.9014

Announcing our 5th Island City Art Walk Season!
A Collaboration of Fine Art and Business
Friday, November 19th, 7 – 10 pm

Wilton Drive, in Wilton Manors is the place to be on the evening of Friday, November 19, 2010. The Drive will be bustling with people. Local artists will offer a variety of original works: paintings, photography and sculpture. Stroll along The Drive or ride the free trolley along and discover the eclectic businesses of one of the coolest towns in South Florida: Wilton Manors. Plan to have dinner in one of Wilton Manor’s fine restaurants before, or after the Art Walk.

Mary Ellen Charapko, of the Ellen Charapko Gallery, is the founder and organizer of the grassroots, mile long, Island City Art Walk. This “private party function” began in December 2006. The Island City Art Walk business sponsors continue to help raise cultural awareness in Broward County and have contributed to economic growth in Wilton Manors. Charapko and the sponsoring businesses on Wilton Drive are solid “supporters of the arts.” Come and join us for an easy-going, fun evening on The Drive!
The Island City Art Walk is a 3rd Friday night of the month free, art function, from November through April. The public is invited.
This is the first Island City Art Walk for the 2010-2011 Season! Please join us.
For more information go to, or call 954.547.9014.

Wilton Manors is situated between Sunrise Blvd. and Oakland Park Blvd. East of I-95 and West of Federal Highway. Please see Directions/Map Page for further information:

Island City, Inc . Dennis Dean Galleries . Ellen Charapko Gallery Gallery XO . Art Frenzie . Naked Grape Wine Bar . The Manor
George Ryan Gift Gallery . To The Moon Marketplace
Shades of The Past . Chic Optique . Copy This . Humpy’s Pizza
Wilton Manors Main Street . Crema d’Roma . Freedom Travel
Urban Dwell . Sozo Sushi Bar . 78 Degrees Spa . Georgie’s Alibi Island City Traders . Island City Eyecare . DaVinci Realty Group World Treasures . Gigi & Gavin’s Gourmet Chocolate
White Glove Antiques . Eastside Property Management

Finally we thank the City Workers for their help on Wicked Weekend 2010

Finally, thanking everyone involved with Wicked Weekend 2010 would not be complete without thanking some of the people at the City of Wilton Manors. Without everyone's help, we could not have made this a success.

To the WMPD, Fire Department and EMT’s and the employees of the City of Wilton Manors we cannot begin to thank you enough. We know that our plans changed frequently and drastically throughout this process and you all worked with us. There are far too many to name individually, but each of you deserve applause for the herculean efforts made to get everything permitted, organized, compliant with code and then to keep us all safe this weekend. Words cannot begin to express our appreciation.

Many thanks to Patrick Cann and Chris Cooper, Ernie Sanz and Roger Caraballo at Leisure Services – you guys are truly indispensable.

Melissa Cole, you are amazing and thank you so much for your constant guidance through the cumbersome permit process. Wilton Manors Main Street is in your debt. Chuck Howard & Captain Ed Costello, please thank every officer for their efforts this weekend to keep us safe – your guys stepped up during the ‘lean’ year and it will not be forgotten during better times.

Finally, Wilton Manors Main Street wants to thank the Wilton Manors City Commission and the Mayor for extending the bar hours to 4:00 am to help our sponsors, the bars of Wilton Drive.

To anyone we have missed, thank you and know that it’s not a lack of gratitude.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wicked Weekend 2010 Volunteers, we thank you

From the marketing director of Wilton Manors Main Street, Krishan Manners, this thank you goes out to all of our volunteers. You are the people who made Wicked Weekend 2010 possible. I'm posting this here pretty much “verbatim” and I'll just say since my own name is in this posting, Krishan you're welcome. You're an amazing person to have the privilege to work with on Main Street. I share your awe about the many volunteers here in Wilton Manors. Without the volunteers in this little city – absolutely nothing will happen!

The un-sung hero’s of all of this – our volunteers – who gave up their personal time, money – and didn’t flinch when I asked for even more of their efforts – I thank each of you.

Doug Blevins for your endless creativity and energy, contagious enthusiasm and knowledge of the logistics to make this all happen. Your insistence that this event happen is the only reason it did, and I’m very well aware that you thank everyone and are often left out of the mix, so from me, thank you.

Thanks to Bill Woeppel and Kevin Knorr for all of your blogging, managing our Facebook and social media; to Kevin Knorr for his knowledge of all things electronic and putting up with our calls to him during his “real” job with inane problems which are generally of our own making. Thank you for asking the tough questions, like “Did you turn it off and back on?” and “Is it plugged in?” and, more importantly, for showing up in person (or saying, “I’ll get Bill to come help.” You and Bill are amazing, kind, witty and wonderful – thank you.

(Aww, you're welcome! - Bill)

To Fred Reissner, who at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning didn’t say, “I can’t lift another cone or barricade” and just kept on going all night. Thank you Fred – you inspire us all with your quiet ways. The finest eloquence is that which gets things done, and you embody that, Fred.

To David and Celeste Ellich, who managed three of our parking lots Saturday night enabling us to be on the Drive rather than parking cars, innumerable thanks.

To M.E. DePalma and Skip, for helping with the shuttles.

To Doug McClave, whose contributions are endless. You rarely say, “No” to anything we ask of you. You are the consummate volunteer and you have my gratitude.

Chuck Poole, our Treasurer who constantly asked, “Are we on budget?” and did helpful things like print out budgets and make giant, red circles on them if we were over. Because of your oversight, we’re still here to do more good for the community.

Tom Tabor, you have a wealth of experience and great ideas, many of which went into the event this year and even more that are being saved for future events. We look forward to putting them all to good use and can’t say thank you enough for your support and guidance.

Olivier Turina and Tommy Bednar, the two of you are an argument for proponents of cloning – if only we had another 20 people just like you! You always give so generously of your time and work so hard on every Main Street project, without ever asking for anything in return. Thank you both so much.

Steve Zollo, when we called for volunteers at the 11th hour, you dropped everything and showed up, ready to work. Thank you, Steve.

Joe Angelo, for securing the parking lot at Covenant Presbyterian, we are in your debt. Thank you for all of your effort.

To Diane Cline, for your steadfast offers of any help needed and your wonderful sense of reason throughout.

Thanks to Cary Hackett, of Flamingo Palms Landscaping for the use of his truck, enabling us to put out cones and barricades to make the drive safe.

Friday, November 5, 2010

To our supporters in the Business Community, Thank you

From Wilton Manors Main Street to the Businesses of Wilton Manors, we thank you for your support for Wicked Weekend 2010.

You all did an amazing job and showed what can happen when we work together as a community. Everyone benefits and the Drive continues to be THE place to go in the Greater Ft. Lauderdale area for Halloween, and beyond. From Main Street’s perspective, we simply could not have produced this event without the participation and financial support of each of you. On behalf of WMMS – and the community – thank you. When we pull in people to the Drive, we all win and that’s the community effort you each make daily.

Beginning with our sponsors – Marty, Jennifer and Laurie at Sidelines Sports Bar, Paul and Brett at The Manor, Jackson, Mark, Ron and Vince at Alibi and Bill’s, Carol at New Moon, John and Cliff of Rosie’s, Craig and Chris of Boom and Matt of Matty’s.

To our press partners who got the word out – thank you. Mark Haines of Mark Magazine, , and Florida Agenda – thank you for all of your generosity, your amazing team and your seemingly limitless support. Ken Fritz, your media rep went so far above and beyond the call of duty with this event and is truly a tribute to your publications – thank you, Ken.

Scott Holland at Hotspots, who gave us ads weekly even though our budget was depleted because he wanted to support the event and the community; you have our respect, admiration and gratitude. Thank you Scott.

Cliff Dunn at SFGN, thank you for your constant communication, editorial support, ads and insights.

Maria at SHE, thank you for making our budget stretch so well to reach your audience and we look forward to meeting you in person.

Steven Bacher and Rebecca Dittmar at New Times – you are awesome!  Again, you stretched our budget and reach as far as possible and your editorial support was phenomenally helpful to getting the correct info out to the community.

Jessica Arseneau at Sun-Sentinel – thank you for your patience when we said, “We only have 72 cents left in our budget – what can you do for us?” You came up with creative ideas and your support and insights are greatly appreciated.  Lisa Huriash at Sun Sentinel, thank you too for your wonderful article.

Bruce Bogan at Copy This – you have our undying gratitude for not grimacing EVERY time you see us, because you know I’m going to ask you to do something for nothing and at the last minute. Your support is so appreciated, it really is heartfelt.

Thank you all from all of us at Wilton Manors Main Street