Monday, November 8, 2010

Wicked Weekend 2010 Volunteers, we thank you

From the marketing director of Wilton Manors Main Street, Krishan Manners, this thank you goes out to all of our volunteers. You are the people who made Wicked Weekend 2010 possible. I'm posting this here pretty much “verbatim” and I'll just say since my own name is in this posting, Krishan you're welcome. You're an amazing person to have the privilege to work with on Main Street. I share your awe about the many volunteers here in Wilton Manors. Without the volunteers in this little city – absolutely nothing will happen!

The un-sung hero’s of all of this – our volunteers – who gave up their personal time, money – and didn’t flinch when I asked for even more of their efforts – I thank each of you.

Doug Blevins for your endless creativity and energy, contagious enthusiasm and knowledge of the logistics to make this all happen. Your insistence that this event happen is the only reason it did, and I’m very well aware that you thank everyone and are often left out of the mix, so from me, thank you.

Thanks to Bill Woeppel and Kevin Knorr for all of your blogging, managing our Facebook and social media; to Kevin Knorr for his knowledge of all things electronic and putting up with our calls to him during his “real” job with inane problems which are generally of our own making. Thank you for asking the tough questions, like “Did you turn it off and back on?” and “Is it plugged in?” and, more importantly, for showing up in person (or saying, “I’ll get Bill to come help.” You and Bill are amazing, kind, witty and wonderful – thank you.

(Aww, you're welcome! - Bill)

To Fred Reissner, who at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday morning didn’t say, “I can’t lift another cone or barricade” and just kept on going all night. Thank you Fred – you inspire us all with your quiet ways. The finest eloquence is that which gets things done, and you embody that, Fred.

To David and Celeste Ellich, who managed three of our parking lots Saturday night enabling us to be on the Drive rather than parking cars, innumerable thanks.

To M.E. DePalma and Skip, for helping with the shuttles.

To Doug McClave, whose contributions are endless. You rarely say, “No” to anything we ask of you. You are the consummate volunteer and you have my gratitude.

Chuck Poole, our Treasurer who constantly asked, “Are we on budget?” and did helpful things like print out budgets and make giant, red circles on them if we were over. Because of your oversight, we’re still here to do more good for the community.

Tom Tabor, you have a wealth of experience and great ideas, many of which went into the event this year and even more that are being saved for future events. We look forward to putting them all to good use and can’t say thank you enough for your support and guidance.

Olivier Turina and Tommy Bednar, the two of you are an argument for proponents of cloning – if only we had another 20 people just like you! You always give so generously of your time and work so hard on every Main Street project, without ever asking for anything in return. Thank you both so much.

Steve Zollo, when we called for volunteers at the 11th hour, you dropped everything and showed up, ready to work. Thank you, Steve.

Joe Angelo, for securing the parking lot at Covenant Presbyterian, we are in your debt. Thank you for all of your effort.

To Diane Cline, for your steadfast offers of any help needed and your wonderful sense of reason throughout.

Thanks to Cary Hackett, of Flamingo Palms Landscaping for the use of his truck, enabling us to put out cones and barricades to make the drive safe.