Friday, November 5, 2010

To our supporters in the Business Community, Thank you

From Wilton Manors Main Street to the Businesses of Wilton Manors, we thank you for your support for Wicked Weekend 2010.

You all did an amazing job and showed what can happen when we work together as a community. Everyone benefits and the Drive continues to be THE place to go in the Greater Ft. Lauderdale area for Halloween, and beyond. From Main Street’s perspective, we simply could not have produced this event without the participation and financial support of each of you. On behalf of WMMS – and the community – thank you. When we pull in people to the Drive, we all win and that’s the community effort you each make daily.

Beginning with our sponsors – Marty, Jennifer and Laurie at Sidelines Sports Bar, Paul and Brett at The Manor, Jackson, Mark, Ron and Vince at Alibi and Bill’s, Carol at New Moon, John and Cliff of Rosie’s, Craig and Chris of Boom and Matt of Matty’s.

To our press partners who got the word out – thank you. Mark Haines of Mark Magazine, , and Florida Agenda – thank you for all of your generosity, your amazing team and your seemingly limitless support. Ken Fritz, your media rep went so far above and beyond the call of duty with this event and is truly a tribute to your publications – thank you, Ken.

Scott Holland at Hotspots, who gave us ads weekly even though our budget was depleted because he wanted to support the event and the community; you have our respect, admiration and gratitude. Thank you Scott.

Cliff Dunn at SFGN, thank you for your constant communication, editorial support, ads and insights.

Maria at SHE, thank you for making our budget stretch so well to reach your audience and we look forward to meeting you in person.

Steven Bacher and Rebecca Dittmar at New Times – you are awesome!  Again, you stretched our budget and reach as far as possible and your editorial support was phenomenally helpful to getting the correct info out to the community.

Jessica Arseneau at Sun-Sentinel – thank you for your patience when we said, “We only have 72 cents left in our budget – what can you do for us?” You came up with creative ideas and your support and insights are greatly appreciated.  Lisa Huriash at Sun Sentinel, thank you too for your wonderful article.

Bruce Bogan at Copy This – you have our undying gratitude for not grimacing EVERY time you see us, because you know I’m going to ask you to do something for nothing and at the last minute. Your support is so appreciated, it really is heartfelt.

Thank you all from all of us at Wilton Manors Main Street