Monday, November 22, 2010

Pie Eating at the Market Bazaar Pictures

In case you missed it, the Market Bazaar was there yesterday.  There will be another one in a month, but I did manage to get some pictures.

Steve and Nikki Rose, the owners of Java Boys are the hosts of the Market Bazaar.  You can join them at Java Boys and let them know how much you enjoyed the Market Bazaar.

The Market Bazaar has plenty of booths full of things for you to look at.  There was a wide selection of odds and ends and treasures from afar.

One of the treasures that you can find is a forever friend.  The group Abandoned Pet Rescue was here with some adoptable friends for life.  954-728-9010 is Abandoned Pet Rescue's number and they're waiting for you to meet the next love of your life.
In case you missed it, there was a Pie Eating Contest!  Fun for all, participants and those of us who watched them have their pies.
When the contest wound down, they allowed the contestants to stop using a spoon and bury themselves in the pumpkin pies.
The Winner was Cole, who is in the Blue Shirt.  Cole works at the Alibi as one of the staff.  They stopped the contest at that point because of rain, but Cole was clearly ahead.