Saturday, October 16, 2010

Children's Art Project from the Artist

Kevin Kichar is the artist responsible for the initial concept of what he calls “THREE ISLAND PLAZA”,  we know it as Jaycee Park.  This is the little triangle park of land across the street from City Hall.  This is his description of the phases of the project in his own words.  The picture is the Artists Rendering of the final park.

Wilton Manors Main Street Public Art Project 

The concept for the Main Street Children’s art project is to create a mini plaza within the southern tip of Jaycee Park. Three Island Plaza was envisioned to display the past present and future of Wilton manors in three mosaic tiles sculptures. 

The design for the Postcard sculpture is to replicate the original 1925 poster used to sell land in Wilton Manors in a large scale format on a cement block wall, seven feet long by five and a half feet high. The cement block will be covered with the tile mosaic. 

The Benches are designed to be canvases for mosaics depicting animals, plants and sea life of the area representing our present. The lower riser or leg of the benches will be layered with the tile works. 

The “Clasped Hands” is a retaining wall around an oasis of palm trees and native plantings. The front face is the canvas for tile mosaics of natural colored stones. This element of the design is the future, how we work together to build a community.

The final element of the plaza will be a brick pavers floor approx. 410 sq ft. connecting the three sculptures. The center square of the floor will be patterned with the words of our sponsors. Lighting will be added to up light the Postcard and Clasped Hands mosaic.

Kevin Kichar