Monday, July 11, 2011

City of Wilton Manors Permitting Walk-Through Tuesdays

This is for everyone who lives and works in Wilton Manors.

Did you know that the City of Wilton Manors has a permitting walk through program on Tuesdays?

If you are doing some work around your property, whether it is a business or the house, you can go to the City of Wilton Manors and get expedited Permitting so that your work can proceed.   If you have ever done some work and realized you needed a Permit, you know how difficult this can be.  Wilton Manors has decided to help us out and cut through the bureaucratic red tape. 

From the City's own website:

The Community Development Services Department is pleased to announce a “Walk-Through Tuesday” program for residents and contractors wishing to apply for many types of building permits.  Subject to the submission of all required, properly completed paperwork, a permit application may be dropped off on a Tuesday morning (between 8am and 10am only) and the approved permit picked up that afternoon.

If you are proceeding with a rather complex project Wilton Manors Main Street can also assist Members with the Walk-Through.  We can help guide you to the right contacts to make sure that things happen smoothly.   If you feel you need our help you can email us or stop by the offices for a visit.   We're at 2164 Wilton Drive in the Gables Wilton Park building.

Further information is on the City of Wilton Manors Website at these links:
For complete details and restrictions, and for all the forms you will need for this project.