Friday, March 18, 2011

Island City Art Walk Tonight 7PM to 10PM

Starting tonight at 7PM and continuing to 10PM and beyond, the Island City Art Walk will be happening on Wilton Drive.

As always there are many changes to which artist is being hosted where.  If you are looking for a specific artist or just want more information for who is going where, you may read the Press Release from Island City Art Walk Inc here.

Just down the block from Wilton Manors Main Street Offices, the Island City Art Walk will have Alternate Exhibition Space with two different galleries in cooperation with The Gables Wilton Park.

The Island City Art Walk Press Release states that:
Golding-Savino, Alternative Space, in Gables Wilton Park, will present a group show, Other Worlds, which includes Miami artist, Alette Simmons-Jimenez, along with Ilka A and Kuhl & Leyton. Next door, Ellen Charapko Gallery, Alternative Space, will be featuring a solo show by Miami artist, Cesar Garcia and Drastic Measures, for found objects, award-winning artist, Tim Yankosky has been extended through April 9th at the Ellen Charapko Gallery.

The Alternate Exhibition Space was a resounding success with the beauty of the art being highlighted by the partially unfinished walls in these premiere commercial spaces. These are the spaces that we have all seen covered by colorful graphics on the window.  We've all peeked through the cracks, this is your chance to see what the space is all about and consider the opportunities that the location has to offer, right in the heart of your own Wilton Drive.

This Island City Art Walk, Wilton Manors Main Street will have two artists for you to view.  First, returning to us on the outside will be Claudia Castillo.  Claudia has been with us for the last few Island City Art Walks and enjoys the vibe and the opportunity to show her art to the people here.  We're happy to have her return to us.   You can read more about Claudia and her bio at this link.

The second artist that you may view at the Wilton Manors Main Street offices at 2164 Wilton Drive is Julie Shen.  Julie's enthusiastic approach to art will enthrall the viewer as she brings her strongest desire to travel all over the world for shows to learn the expressions of other artists from different culture and social backgrounds.  You may read more about Julie and her bio at this link. Julie's professional web page has more opportunities for you to preview her art.

Expanded parking is available both on Wilton Drive and at Hagen Park, 2020 Wilton Drive.  Island City Art Walk has provided us with directions at this link.