Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Julie Shen will be Hosted at the Island City Art Walk this Friday

Wilton Manors Main Street is pleased to announce that we will be hosting renowned artist Julie Shen this Friday at the Island City Art Walk in our offices from 7PM to 10PM. 

Julie's impressionistic art of local scenery features vibrant colors and eye popping views of scenes of all over the world.  This scene should be familiar to South Florida Locals and Visitors alike of the Hollywood, FL beach goers.

Julie's enthusiastic approach to art will enthrall the viewer as she brings her strongest desire to travel all over the world for shows to learn the expressions of other artists from different culture and social backgrounds.

She has traveled to Europe and South East and Far East Asia in relate to search for interpretation of art and soul.  She believes that it is the education and cultural heritage which shine through an artist makes an art work spiritual and filled with soul. 

Wilton Manors Main Street and Julie Shen hope to see you there this Friday from 7PM until 10PM to witness this beautiful and colorful exhibit.