Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pictures of our Board at the Election 2011

On January 27th, Wilton Manors Main Street held its election for the board by its members.  The picture has all the board, it's friends and some of them members here.

The list from left to right are:
Commissoner Julie Carson,
Board Secretary Fred Reissner,
Incoming Board Member Anthony LoGrande,
Social Media Director William Woeppel,
Board Vice President Tom Tabor,
Incoming Board Member Mary Nolan,
Returning Board Member Brett Nein,
Returning Board Secretary Chuck Poole,
Returning Board Member Kevin Knorr,
City Manager and Board Member Joe Gallegos,
Incoming Board President Krishan Manners,
Outgoing Board President Doug Blevins,
Chairman of the Board Diane Cline,
Outgoing Board Member Don Beihn,

And last but not least, Wilton Manors Vice Mayor Tom Green.

All members of Wilton Manors Main Street were invited to attend, and we welcome all who are interested to join us as a member for the year.  If you haven't joined, you may find out how at this link.